St Michael's CE VA Primary School
Do to others as you would like them to do to you - Luke 6:31

School Values


Proverbs 11: 3-You can put confidence in someone who is trustworthy.

-What makes a friend trustworthy?

-Why is it important to be able to trust people in your class/ community?

-How do we learn to trust one another?

-What could you do if a friend betrayed your trust or let you down?

-How can you show that you are trustworthy?

-What do Christians mean when they speak about 'trusting God in all things'?



1 Peter 2.17- Show respect for all people. Love the brothers and sisters of God’s family. Respect God.

-Who do you respect and why?

-How can you show respect for someone with whom you disagree?

-Which role models do you admire and why?

-Can you think of some stories about Jesus that demonstrate his respect for the people he met?



Ephesians 4. 25- Everyone must tell the truth to fellow- believers, because we are all members together.

-Sometimes we are tempted to lie to get out of trouble or make ourselves look better. Why is it important to tell the truth?

-How do you feel when somebody lies to you?

-Is it important to always tell the truth?

-Who helps you decide what is right and wrong?

-When some Christians find it difficult to make a decision, they ask themselves the question “What would Jesus do?”. Why do you think this is helpful?



Acts 28:2- It was raining and very cold. But the people who lived there were very good to us. They made us a fire and welcomed all of us.

-When you think of kindness what comes to mind?

-How can you show kindness to others?

-How did the kindness of God appear?

-Besides giving us salvation, what are some other ways God has shown us kindness?



Psalm 86.15- But you, O Lord are a God who shows mercy and is kind. You don’t become angry quickly you have great love and faithfulness.

-If you met someone who was really compassionate how would you know?

-If you show someone kindness and care how does that make them feel? How do you think you would feel?

-How could you help someone who was being “left out” of a game or other activity?

-Do you know a story that Jesus told about someone who showed compassion?

-Can you think of a time when Jesus showed compassion to those around him?



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