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School re-opening 07.09.2020

Reopening in September

When we return, children will be taught in a different way. We will continue to work in bubbles but these will be within the new classes, following distancing guidelines and minimising contact. Children will not mix bubbles, either in the classrooms or on the playground. Following the advice given by the Government the children will all be facing the same direction where possible with each class arranged to ensure the safety of all children and staff. This might mean that your child will be sat in rows or in a new format they are not used to. The adults within each class bubble will be able to move to only one other bubble (Anning and Lister), (Coram and Langmoor). This means we can operate a near normal timetable.


Start of the day

The start of the school day will be staggered. Anning and Lister (Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3) children will arrive at 9.15am. There will be markings on the fence to show the children where to stand. Coram and Langmoor (Year 4, 5 and 6) will arrive at 9.00am. Adults in school will come and collect the children and lead them directly to their classes. There will be no time on the playground before school. No parents or visitors will be allowed on to the school site without prior arrangement. If a child is late the intercom must be used to contact the office. No child can walk themselves around the school.


Break times and lunchtimes

Break times will be also staggered with only one class on the playgrounds at a time. Each class bubble will have their own equipment. Lunchtimes will be split into 2 sessions. The hall will be divided into separate zones. Anning and Lister will eat during session one and Coram and Langmoor in session two. As you already know, hot school meals will be available.


End of the school day

At the end of the school day the adults in school will lead the child out to the front of school to be collected. Coram and Langmoor classes (Year 4, 5, 6) will leave at 3.00pm (if you have a child in Year 5 or 6 and wish them to walk home, please notify the office).  Anning and Lister (Reception, Year 1, 2 and 3) at 3.15pm. No parents will be allowed on to the school site to collect their child.


Talking and meeting with class teachers

If you wish to talk to your child’s class teacher at drop off or collection, this will not be possible. Please contact the school office to make an appointment. We will continue to respond to emails as we have done throughout the lockdown.




Children will be expected to wear full school uniform and this should be cleaned as often as possible during the week. If staff are concerned about the cleanliness of a child’s uniform, you may be contacted and asked to provide a change of clothes. If your child has any toileting issues, please provide them with their own extra clothes. We will not be able to provide these or change them if they have an accident. You will be contacted to come and do this. It is vital that all items of uniform are clearly labelled.



Children will only need to bring some basic items into school each day in a small bag or small backpack. This will include a packed lunch (unless having a hot school meal), PE kit, water bottle, coat, their own tissues and book bags where appropriate.  Children will not be able to bring in their own pencil cases. To minimise any transmission in school, if any item is left behind we will not be able to return it unless it is clearly labelled. Any items that are not named will be binned for safety at the end of each day. Therefore, please make sure everything fits into their bag and that everything is very clearly named. During the day we will not be able to handle water bottles and therefore cannot refill them. Please make sure your child has plenty to drink.  If your child is bringing a packed lunch, try to ensure that any packets or wrappers are easy to open. We are unable to open any items or undo any containers.


Equipment in school

Each day the children will have their own individual equipment which they use frequently such as pencils and crayons. Class resources, such as Maths and English resources, can be shared within the bubble and these will be cleaned each day. Soft play equipment will not be used. Children will not be bringing any items home unless absolutely essential and we will send out guidance if this needs to happen. This also means that unless it is of educational benefit the adults will not be able to take any items home.


Reading Book

At the beginning of lockdown children were sent home with reading books, please return these as soon as possible to school and before the holidays begin. There is a box at the front of school near the gates. All books returned will be ticked off the class list. Any books outstanding will be collected in September and you may be contacted to bring them in.


Contacting us

If you need to contact the school for any reason please use the phone or email where possible. We are not able to accept any visitors or volunteers without prior arrangement. This will help us minimise the contact within school.


There will be many changes which the children and adults will need to get used to. This will include moving around the school, having separate areas and times for break and lunches and a different way of learning and teaching. This is new to us all and we are all here to help one another. A large amount of the timetable to begin with will be spent talking about what has happened and how we can continue to stay safe. If children are not able to manage the distancing and minimising in school, we might ask you to come and collect them for theirs and others safety. This will help keep us all safe.


Mr Nick Kiddle

Head Teacher