St Michael's CE VA Primary
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Class Pages

The school currently has 5 classes with mixed year groups.


Jurassic Class – Reception/Year 1 Mrs Taylor, Sarah and Tanya
Nautilus Class – Year 1/2 Mrs Corbett and Mrs Parsons, Jo and Lin
Belemnites Class – Year 3/4 Mrs Townley, Jane and Lin
Ammonites Class – Year 4/5 Miss Bearsford-Walker
Pyrites Class – Year 5/6 Miss Smith and Sue

St. Michael’s has the building capacity for 7 classes of 30 children. This means that we have a school where children and adults have the opportunity to use a wide range of rooms for their learning, a spacious library, a rainbow room for our nurture group, space for music lessons, and the Ichthyosaur room for small groups or whole classes. 
St. Michael's Preschool closed on Friday 22nd November 2019.  Any information relating to preschool will be deleted from the website after this date.  However, in some policies preschool may be mentioned - policies will be updated as soon as possible to reflect the closure of preschool.