St Michael's CE VA Primary School
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If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 


Admissions Policy


We would welcome you to come and look around the school and to answer any questions you may have, please contact us via email or telephone to arrange a suitable time.  We are also more than happy to talk to you on the telephone and provide you with our welcome pack.  Our website provides a host of details about classes, the school environment and what we are all about, so please take a look.


For in-year admissions we deal with the whole process. Please contact us for more information about this.  Our school admissions form can be found below.

Please note - If you wish to apply to our school for a place for your child to start Reception for the first time in September and you live outside of Dorset, you will need to apply through the County Council in which you live by their specified times and dates.

Until we reach our published admission number, it is our policy to offer a place to all government funded applicants irrespective of their gender, religion, ethnicity or country of origin, disability or academic ability.

Appeals Procedure - Parents have the right of appeal to an Independent panel against the decision of the Governing Body to refuse application for a school place.  Details of the appeals procedure are sent out with all refusal letters.  The deadline for submitting appeals allows appellants at least 20 school days to prepare and submit a written appeal.  The appeal must then be heard within 40 school days for the normal round of children starting Reception class for the first time in September and within 30 days for in-year admission.  Those making an appeal will receive at east 10 schools days notice of their appeal hearing.  Where possible decision letters are sent out within 5 days of a hearing.


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