St Michael's CE VA Primary School
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Absences/ Late

Attendance/ absence


Good attendance at school is really important if your child is to be settled, confident and learn well.
We expect all of our children to attend as often as possible and will contact you personally so that we can work together if your child's attendance is below 95%. If this continues then a referral may be made to Dorset Council's Attendance Officer.


Please phone the school before 9.15am if your child is absent due to being ill.
If you send your child to school and they become unwell we will always contact you so that they are not in any distress.


If we do not hear from you we will phone/ text to enquire before 9.30am to ensure your child's safety.


Medical absences will need to be supported by an appointment card. Exceptional circumstances for absences can be discussed with the Headteacher. Holidays are not treated as exceptional circumstances and will be recorded as unauthorised absences.

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