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A Parent’s guide to the Local SEND Offer

At St Michael’s Primary School, Lyme Regis, we place support for children with special educational needs high on our priorities and ensure that very well qualified and experienced staff support these children to ensure that they make the best progress possible.

We take pride in supporting children with a wide range of needs well. About one in five children have special educational needs at different levels at some time in their school life. We identify your child’s needs as early as possible.


A special educational need may affect one or more of the following areas:


  • learning
  • communication
  • emotional
  • behavioural
  • social
  • sensory
  • physical
  • medical


Our school has policies for Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Single Equality. We also review our Accessibility Plan each year.

These clearly state our school’s commitment to offer an inclusive learning experience for everyone. We ensure the best possible progress for all our children whatever their abilities or needs.


If a pupil has a learning difficulty or disability that requires any special educational provision, they will be placed on the SEN Code of Practice Register according to their needs. 

The type of special educational provision a child may receive will vary according to their needs. This is discussed with parents every step of the way.


The type of special educational provision required for your child may be at one of three stages on the SEN Code of Practice:


  • SCHOOL ACTION – extra help in class from a Teaching Assistant, small group support, use of particular ICT programs
  • SCHOOL ACTION PLUS – advice from outside agencies, eg a specialist teacher, speech and language therapist, health professional – and more targeted support
  • STATEMENT OF SEN – when needs are complex and severe.

 In meeting your child’s needs, there may be movement from stage to stage.



At any time a parent has a concern, the procedure to follow is to speak to:


  • Your child’s class teacher
  • SENCO/Inclusion Co-ordinator
  • THE Headteacher
  • The SEN Governor
  • The local Parent Partnership Service for advice.


We work closely with outside agencies to include every child with any special need or disability within our school. To provide additional support or a special programme of learning, it may be necessary to refer your child to one or more of these agencies.


The process of referral does take time, so we ask parents to:


  • keep in contact with us at school – speak to your child’s class teacher or the school’s SENCO/Inclusion Co-ordinator
  • keep a diary
  • tell the school if you are using other professionals, who and why, and ask them to make contact with us.


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