St Michael's CE VA Primary
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Class Pages

The school currently had 5 classes with mixed year groups plus the Preschool which runs each morning and Monday and Tuesday afternoon in the on-site Children’s Centre.


Rising 3s, 3 and 4 Year olds – Caroline Hayes (Preschool Leader), Kathy Wilton (Preschool Deputy Leader) and Amanda Rattenbury-Davies (Preschool assistant).


Jurassic Class – Reception/Year 1 Mrs Taylor, Tina and Tanya
Nautilus Class – Year 1/2 Mrs Kate Corbett, Lin and Jo
Belemnites Class – Year 3/4 Mrs Townley and Jane
Ammonites Class – Year 4/5 Mrs Jones and Sarah
Pyrites Class – Year 6 Miss Smith and Sue

St. Michael’s has the building capacity for 7 classes of 30 children with a pre-school in the Children’s Centre which is on site. This means that we have a school where children and adults have the opportunity to use a wide range of rooms for their learning, a spacious library, a rainbow room for our nurture group, space for music lessons, and the Ichthyosaur room for small groups or whole classes.